Gay People Now Allowed on eHarmony!


While other dating websites like and OKCupid have long accepted gay singles through the same portals that they accept straight singles, eHarmony (with their patented matchmaking questionnaire) has resisted, even in courts. A 2008 case forced them to link to an affiliate portal for gay singles, called (hilariously) But thanks to a settlement in California yesterday, eHarmony will now have to welcome gay and lesbian singles more prominently on their homepage, similar to the way they welcome black and Hispanic singles. The settlement also called for a $2 million settlement fund for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals who can prove they were harmed by the policies. Hear that, gays? You can now use eHarmony to find your loved one! And after they’ve resisted letting you in through multiple court cases, don’t you want to give them your money?

EHarmony settles lawsuit over gay matchmaking [SFGate]
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