Glenn Beck Tells Sarah Palin That Her Unnecessarily Evasive Answer Is ‘Bullcrap’


When Katie Couric asked Sarah Palin what specific newspapers and magazines she reads, the vice-presidential candidate famously answered, “Oh, all of them, any of them,” and then went on to complain about the offensive “gotcha” question for the next year. But last night, Palin found herself in a similar predicament with someone you’d expect to be a friendlier interrogator: Glenn Beck. When Beck asked Palin to name her favorite Founding Father — you know, the guys who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance — Palin began her answer with the familiar, “You know, well, all of them,” before Beck literally called her out on her “bullcrap” answer. Palin, clearly rattled by the challenge, then settled on George Washington.

Beck Calls ‘Bullcrap’ On Palin’s Non-Answer About Favorite Founding Father (VIDEO) [TPM LiveWire]