Goldman Sachs Keeping Bonus Numbers to Itself for Now


Goldman Sachs knows what it’s giving out for bonus numbers now, but they’ve decided to hold back on saying exactly what size loads they’re going to drop on their employees until after they declare what are expected to be jaw-dropping, record-breaking year-end earnings this Thursday. “We decided to delay telling people by a few days,” spokesman Lucas van Praag tells the Journal, explaining that “it is important to have context of earnings before we start communicating compensation.” Plus, let’s face it, it’s more exciting this way. In the meantime, Reuters is reporting that New York’s financial industry as a whole is set to dole out $64 billion in bonuses this year, so Goldman employees can occupy themselves by fantasizing exactly what percentage of that gargantuan number is theirs.

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NY Financiers to Reap $64 Billion In Bonuses In 2010 [Reuters/NYT]