Goldman Sachs Responds to Naming of Bonus Recipients With Name-Calling


Goldman Sachs is really getting tired of this whole “populist outrage” thing, as evidenced by the expressions and general demeanor of their CEO at yesterday’s financial-crisis hearings. They’ve had it with people trying to guess their trading strategy, what goes on behind the scenes, and essentially trying get behind their shroud of secrecy. They especially hate when people try to guess which executives are getting what size bonuses, like ABC News did yesterday. It really just makes them want to say: “Tell you what, plebes. What don’t you just go back to your dirty alleyway and lay some bets on which roosters are going to get pecked to death at tonight’s cockfight, because that’s about the only place where someone of your intellectual level has a fighting chance at guessing the right answer.” Which is essentially what a spokesman for the firm told ABC: “The speculation about compensation is ill-informed and, frankly, pretty stupid.”

Goldman Sachs Readies Bonus Bonanza, Braces for Backlash [ABC News]