GOP Drafting a New Contract With America


House GOP leader John Boehner announced to his fellow Republicans yesterday that the party is drafting a plan to kick ass in the 2010 midterm elections and it’s going to look a lot like the “Contract with America,” that document that led the 1994 GOP to a slew of victories in the House. Boehner said that “the effort—whether it ends up being called a ‘contract’ or an ‘agenda’; or something else—would involve members of the conference and our candidates.”

California Representative Kevin McCarthy has been put in charge of writing the document, which is meant to develop a platform and theme for Republican candidates to follow. It will also probably contain some pledges that the party would keep if it returns to power. Or try to keep, at least. Odds don’t seem very high of Republicans accomplishing much of their pledges with a Democrat controlled Senate. But it sure sounds like it would be fun to watch.

G.O.P. Lawmakers Revisit 1994 Contract [The Caucus/NYT]