Government Takeover of Marijuana Threatens Private Businessmen


New Jersey’s new medical-marijuana law may help cancer patients, glaucoma sufferers, and stoners who “have” “disorders” that “require” a prescription, but one group the legislation will adversely affect are the small businessmen who simply can’t compete with the bargain-basement prices that New Jersey’s government-dispensed weed will be selling for. At roughly $125 an ounce, this legal marijuana is hundreds of dollars cheaper than street prices in New York. “It’s going to cut a lot of the bridge-and-tunnel customers,” says a pot dealer, probably the one who sells weed to the Daily News writers who penned the article. “I’m just trying to lock down who I have in the city. I have to stay on the grind.” According to Urban Dictionary, this means the drug dealer will have to work harder to achieve his goal of making money through the selling of drugs. When will you stop kicking the American working man when he’s down, government?!?

New Jersey medical marijuana bill such a drag! New York pot dealers fear cut in their profit [NYDN]