Harold Ford Jr. No Longer Thinks the Constitution Should Prohibit Gays From Marrying


Much like the woman he might decide to challenge in a primary, Tennessean New Yorker Harold Ford Jr. has undergone a sudden transformation into a supporter of gay-marriage rights. On the Today show this morning, Matt Lauer asked Ford, who has long backed civil unions, whether his newfound support of same-sex nuptials is a change in position:

Maybe in the language. But I’m a believer that benefits should flow to same-sex partners and if indeed the fiction of the language, the title, should be changed, much like Chuck Schumer who changed his mind on it and Bill Clinton’s evolved, I’m of the opinion now that nothing is wrong with that.

But it wasn’t too long ago that Ford definitely thought there was something wrong with that. So wrong, in fact, that Ford was one of only 36 House Democrats in 2004 to vote for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage everywhere. In 2006, he was one of only 34 Democrats to do so. Aaaggh! Sorry, we just got whiplash.

Now Harold Ford Jr. backs gay marriage [NYP]