Herding Cats Is Indeed Difficult


Kima Graham thought she was doing the right thing when she took in a stray cat off the street, offering him shelter in the little one-bedroom apartment that she only shared with another kitten (and, presumably, some houseplants with big personalities). That was five years ago. This week, the ASPCA had to raid her apartment and rescue her from the feline hordes who sprung from that randy pair — in all, 37 cats were sharing the apartment with Graham, and more were on the way. All of the cats seemed healthy and well-cared-for, it was just that Graham couldn’t afford to keep feeding them (or to listen to their “near-constant screeching”). But even the animal experts at the ASPCA spent over three-and-a-half hours trying to corral all of them. That’s over five minutes per cat! This is why you should get dogs, people. There could have been 50 of them in one apartment, and all it would have taken was one tennis ball to evacuate them.

Sufferin’ cats! 35 in 1 apt. [NYP]