Hitler, Predictably, Isn’t Happy About Scott Brown’s Victory


This Adolf Hitler never does get any happy news, does he? It’s never, “Hey Hitler, guess what? They saved someone from the rubble in Haiti,” or, “Mein Führer, you’ll be so pleased to hear that The Hangover won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy or Musical.” Obviously, we’re referring to the Internet meme in which the subtitles of a scene in the movie Downfall are changed to make it appear as if Hitler is flipping out about some kind of current event. Is the whole conceit getting a little played out? Maybe! But not to us. For some reason, seeing Hitler get upset over things you wouldn’t expect him to care about is always funny. Anyway, here he is, railing about Martha Coakley’s failed candidacy, lamenting Obama’s unfulfilled agenda, and, growing despondent, wishing we had stuck with Hillary.

[via Wonkette]

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