John Edwards ‘Is Physically Very Striking, in a Certain Area’


There have been rumors of a John Edwards–Rielle Hunter sex tape for a while now, sparked by an admission by former Edwards aide Andrew Young that he had physical evidence of the affair. Young, who once was so devoted to Edwards he claimed to be the father of the candidate’s love child, is scheduled to appear on 20/20 on Friday to promote his upcoming book about the whole mess, The Politician. Gawker reports that he’ll talk about the sex tape, which he apparently found while flipping through DVDs at Rielle Hunter’s house. The tape was what caused the formerly die-hard loyalist to turn against his former idol. “It was kind of the last straw for people who had sacrificed savings and jobs to lie for John,” a source told the site. But that’s not the chilling part of this report. According to both of Gawker’s sources, the tape at first stars mostly Edwards, who “is physically very striking, in a certain area.” Sit with that for a moment. Does it not, in a way, make you unhappy for America? Apparently, “everyone who sees it says ‘whoa,’” which we don’t understand. Who wouldn’t expect that someone who became known in his own campaign as “the Ego Monster” might be smuggling a “monster” somewhere on his person?

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