Jon Corzine Bids New Jersey Farewell


New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine said goodbye to his state today in a farewell address that the Times said was "tinged with more wistfulness than Wall Street bravado." In his final State of the State address, Corzine acknowledged his inability to provide economic growth to the state and ease its always-growing tax burden.

Still, Corzine, who choked up a few times, found some achievements to be proud of, including his ability to rebuild crumbling schools and increase funding for both preschool education and child health care. Helping the kids, Corzine said, will be his legacy.

"As a father and a grandfather, I believe that the first priority of government after providing for domestic safety must be to protect the health and welfare of our children. That means all of our children. Not just those who were fortunate enough to be born into strong and loving families. Not just those whose parents have wherewithal."

Corzine's last day in office will be January 18. Then he's headed to the shore to blow off some steam.

N.J. Governor Admits Failure on Tax Burden