Josh Charles and Josh Charles Were in Bed, Bath & Beyond at the Same Time


When we saw the name Josh Charles on the list for the opening of the “Patti Smith and Steven Sebring: Objects of Life” exhibit, we expected the Good Wife actor. But instead, we met Josh Charles, the New Orleans–influenced singer/songwriter who wrote the Hurricane Katrina benefit song “Healing Time.” The confusion happens all the time on the Internet. “I’m the only Josh Charles on Twitter, so a lot of times people will find me because they were on Twitter looking for him,” the musician said. “I’m a musician and he’s an actor, so we’re totally different folks.” It seems that both Josh Charleses even shop at the same places. “I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and I was on my Twitter, and somebody had tweeted that, “Oh my God, I just ran into Josh Charles at Bed, Bath & Beyond on Union Square and he was holding two pillows.’ And I was like, I’m at Union Square and I’m not holding any pillows,” the piano-playing Josh explained. “So I realized at that nexus of the universe the both of us were in the same location, at the same time, exactly real time.” Oh, Twitter. What can’t you do?