Kirkus Reviews May Survive Yet


Back in December, the staid publishing world was ruffled by the news that both Editor & Publisher and Kirkus Reviews were to be shuttered by parent company Nielsen Business Media as part of a massive restructuring. But Daily Finance reported this morning that there’s still hope for at least one of those venerable titles. Managing editor Eric Liebetrau e-mailed staff exuberantly today to say that he had “great news” to report. “Effective immediately, we are restarting publication of Kirkus Reviews. There is a buyer in the works (that’s all we know right now), and until the deal closes — probably 2-3 weeks — we will resume business as usual under the Nielsen umbrella,” he wrote. Staffers are now scrambling to resume work and play catch-up, and Liebetrau also e-mailed out to publishers giving them the official word. “For now please begin sending galleys to the appropriate editors immediately,” he asked. “We will publish a second issue in January, and then reassess the situation and hopefully continue publication in February and beyond.”

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