Lizzie Grubman on the Disease of Heiressism


You probably don’t equate “being an heiress” with “having an illness,” but this clip of Lizzie Grubman talking to Nightline about how poor Casey Johnson was not just a victim of her own demons but casualty of a larger disease that afflicts all heiresses will really change your tune, and you will realize that in fact heiressism is actually a grotesque and crippling disease, one that will likely become a larger societal problem as the billionaires of the last decade continue to spawn. Lizzie lays it out: First, you are born rich, which sounds like it might be great but is actually a terrible burden, like being born with a too-big rack (we are told). Then, because you are rich you can’t help but want to be famous, because, as Lizzie says, “Everyone wants to be famous now. Everyone wants to be on a reality show. They want to have their glimpse of fame, date a celebrity, walk the red carpet,” and heiresses are more susceptible than others, they just have something in their DNA. Like alcoholics. Anyway, we know what you are thinking: This is totally a “made-up disease” like ADD, it was probably invented by Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, and look at the Marriott sisters — for the love of Chanel, they are brunette Mormons. But just wait: One day they’ll start exhibiting signs. And God help them then. God help them all.