Major Garrett Accidentally Tweets Link to Vegas Call-Girl Website to His 13,059 Followers


It’s a nightmare that anyone with a Twitter account is vaguely afraid of, but no one before the year 2005 would have ever dreamed of having to worry about: Major Garrett, Fox News’ White House correspondent, accidentally tweeted the wrong link to his 13,059 followers. He intended to send out a shortened link to a transcript of last night’s State of the Union address. Instead, the link that went out was one to a Las Vegas call-girl website. Gawker managed to nab the series of tweets before he took them down:

To overcome the numbing weight of our politics” and other Obama SOTU excerpts Wed 27 Jan 18:22

Horrified, he deleted and explained:

I apologize. turned my original link to SOTU excerpts to a soft-porn link. NOT my intention. Wed 27 Jan 19:21

The link just posted works. Any frequent visitor here knows that is not my style. Sorry. Shld have caught it sooner. Wed 27 Jan 19:23

Enraged, he admonished and ordered:

As Gawker observes, it’s extremely unlikely that would make that kind of error. But why would Washington-based Garrett be looking up a Vegas-based website like that?

If Garrett joins the press corps on Obama’s trip to Vegas later in February, we guess we’ll have an answer.

Lessons in the Danger of Copying and Pasting [Gawker]