Man Returns Wallet With $2,800 in It to Owner


New York has been exploding with Good Samaritanism lately. Last week, a cab driver returned a purse with $21,000 cash in it to an old lady. Tuesday, on a routine inspection of his train, a Long Island Railroad conductor named Larry Pinkham found a wallet on a seat containing $2,830 and, despite the fact that he was all alone in the car with no one around to see what he did with it, promptly returned it to its owner. “We’re here for the customers,” he told the Post.

It’s not that we don’t find these stories heartwarming — we do — but a part of us is a little troubled that this is becoming a trend, one that might have lasting effects on New York’s gruff and gritty reputation. Someone needs to put a stop to it, if you ask us. Show the world that we’re not going soft. That we’re not the Midwest. Which is why we’re keeping the $5 we found on the street today. Just because it happened to be on the ground behind a 6-year-old swinging an open Dora the Explorer purse doesn’t mean it’s hers. Plus, we’ve got to do our part to keep New York New York.

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