Man With Talking Dog Set to Challenge Kirsten Gillibrand


According to the Observer, Bruce Blakeman, a lawyer and former candidate for comptroller, will officially announce his candidacy for the Senate on Saturday, making him the first Republican to actually enter the race against Kirsten Gillibrand and not just talk about it. Meanwhile, Newsday — the part we can read without paying for it — reports that the announcement will come Sunday. Either way, it’s supposedly happening this weekend, so here are two fun facts about Blakeman: He once released an ad featuring his own dog speaking in a terrifying, otherworldly voice, and his ex-wife, Nancy Shevell, is currently dating Paul McCartney. Also, according to political consultants we spoke to recently, he has almost no chance of winning this election.

Source: Blakeman Senate Campaign Kicks Off Saturday [NYO]
Blakeman will announce for Gillibrand’s senate seat [Spin Cycle/Newsday]
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