Marilyn Manson Got Another Woman to Agree to Marry Him


Us Weekly reported that Tiger Woods has been crashing at Cablevision CEO (and MSG and Knicks owner) Jim Dolan’s $13.5 million estate on Long Island, receiving regular visits from a shrink, though a spokesperson for MSG tells us that is “categorically false and preposterous on its face.” Well then. An alternate report says that he is in Africa. (The continent has not yet commented on the veracity of this rumor.) Jenny Sanford plans to cash in on her husband’s extramarital affair with the February 5 release of her memoir, Staying True. A-Rod’s getting over Kate Hudson by hooking up with a blonde he met at his Miami gym. As the Jets’ Braylon Edwards sat down to New Year’s Eve dinner at Philippe, a lawyer for America’s Next Top Model finalist Nik Pace presented him with child-support papers. While Pete Wentz partied it up at Jet in Vegas, Jessica Simpson kept Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and her baby, Bronx, company in NYC. And Marilyn Manson proposed to Evan Rachel Wood while performing onstage in Paris, and she said yes.

Steve Schwarzman had an aide hold seats for him in the West Palm Beach multiplex to see It’s Complicated while Donald Trump and Regis Philbin saw Avatar next door. State Senator Carl Kruger of Brooklyn voted against same-sex marriage last month, and now gay activists are getting back at him by circulating photos of him at a party with cross-dressing entertainer Leonid the Magnificent. Sharon Stone is set to play a cop turned prosecutor in four episodes of Law & Order: SVU, and Mischa Barton’s going to guest-star as a hooker named Gladys. Jewel is attempting a breathy, country comeback, and Lil Wayne’s album release has been pushed back again, largely owing to his prison sentence. Jason Alexander is the new Jenny Craig spokesperson, explaining, “I’m fat and they work.”

While Daniel Craig signed the guest book during a recent visit to the Safari & Conservation Camps in Kenya, Naomi Campbell and Uma Thurman refused to do so. Craig and Hugh Jackman also stayed cozy in their black SUV outside the Hotel Rivington on New Year’s Eve because the line to get in was stretching around the block. An unprecedented number of faux-Hermès Birkin bags are cropping up around the city, including on the arm of Olivia Palermo. While Sarah Jessica Parker enjoyed spa treatments at the meatpacking’s John Frieda Salon, Anne Hathaway started the day with scrambled eggs at Balthazar. Al Gore entertained three guests over dinner at David Burke Townhouse. Eli Manning and the Giants’ offensive line inhaled steaks at Strip House. A month after attempting suicide, Alexa Ray Joel is offering advice to the heartbroken via Facebook. And Rosie O’Donnell announced that her new relationship with artist and mother of six Tracy Kachtick-Anders is “delicious.”