Mayor of Newburgh, New York, Would Love to Host the Terrorists


As the movement to get the 9/11 trials moved to anywhere in the world but downtown Manhattan continues to grow, the mayor of Newburgh in upstate New York — which has an Air Force base that would host the trials — is all, “Where do I sign?” “I look at it almost as a tourist attraction,” Mayor Nicholas Valentine tells the Post. “The international attention would put Newburgh on the map.” Actually, if we want to get technical about it, terrorists have already put Newburgh on the map. Remember the Newburgh Four, the pot-smoking, would-be Bronx synagogue bombers? In fact, now that we think about it, Newburgh kind of owes New York City. After they take some terrorists off our hands, we’ll call it even.

Upstaters’ terror-ific idea: Host evildoers and profit [NYP]