Meet the Third White House Party Crasher


According to the Washington Post, D.C. party promoter Carlos Allen is the third and (we hope) final party crasher from President Obama’s first state dinner in November. Apparently Allen was ferried to the White House in a van full of prominent Indian businessmen. After arriving, he passed through security checkpoints like everyone else and proceeded to party.

That’s the story the Post got from a congressional source, but Allen himself is denying, denying, denying. “I did not attend the state dinner,” he repeated three times to Politico, which also learned that the Secret Service found out about the third crasher just days after it learned about the Salahis. Rather than blow it up into a big story though, the agency tried to keep this secret because, well, because it’s petty damn embarrassing.

Secret Service confirms third crasher at White House state dinner [Washington Post]
Alleged third crasher denies report [Politico]