Miracle on the Hudson Passenger to Finally Return Coat


Like the Lost castaways who were unable to resist the lure of The Island, the survivors of US Airways Flight 1549 will return to the exact spot of their splashdown in the Hudson River next week to commemorate a year since the greatest near-aviation disaster ever. But they’re not crashing again; they’ll travel there via the same ferries that rescued them a year ago. Then, proving that they have a healthy, if also twisted, sense of humor about the whole thing, the survivors will toast a glass of Grey Goose — you know, because of the birds that almost killed all of them — at 3:31 p.m., the moment of impact. Finally, to truly re-create the experience, they’ll all jump in the icy water and sit there for about half an hour. Nah, they’re not really going to do that.

But another thing that’s actually going to happen is that passenger Tracey Wolsko will finally return the coat that ferry captain Vincent LuCante covered her with after plucking her out of the water. “I’ve had it in a box this whole year,” she tells the Daily News. “I think he should have it back.” Yeah, like a year ago.

Sully ‘crew’ from Miracle on the Hudson will converge on New York for anniversary of Flight 1549 [NYDN]