Nikki Finke Has the Post by the Briefs


Monday, the New York Post's Peter Lauria wrote a story likening an up-and-coming music blogger to legendary Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke. While the comparison was generally favorable — they are both extremely knowledgeable and influential, he noted — he also made reference to Finke's occasional missteps, or as Lauria put it, her “sometimes horribly wrongfooted” reporting. It was a characterization that he clearly came to regret making. Because today, after we can only imagine how many blistering e-mails and shouts of "I will bury you" from the notoriously ferocious Finke, the paper has seemingly removed the reference from the story online and offered this meek correction in its "Business Briefs" section:

In our Jan. 4 paper, we referred to Nikki Finke’s reporting as sometimes “horribly wrongfooted.” In fact, we were wrongfooted in saying this and regret the error.

Lauria did not respond to Daily Intel's query about whether Finke has naked pictures of him or of Rupert Murdoch himself.

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