New York Times to Hire Gossip Girl Reporter


Gawker's Doree Shafrir intercepted a memo from Times "Metro" editor Joe Sexton about a new reporter they're looking to hire:

Yes, we're finally doing it: Creating a full-time beat covering New York's private schools. It is, perhaps, the one topic other than real estate that lights up cocktail party conversation. Dalton. Brearley. Fieldston. Spence. Collegiate, Horace Mann and Riverdale. And, yes, Regis and Ramaz and St. Ann's and The Little Red Schoolhouse, too. They are bastions of aspiration and privilege both, places that inspire fierce competition and intense curiosity, worlds known to few outside their citizens yet critical to the shaping of the wider one. OK, maybe that's a bit much, but we know this: The stories are yakkers that race up the most e-mailed list and get noticed; we're talking about the kids of the people who run the world here.

Or, more accurately put, the kids of the people the Times wants to have reading its paper. And who doesn't like reading about their own kids?

New York Times Seeking Reporter for Private School Beat [Gawker]