New Yorkers Not Overwhelmed by Either Ford or Gillibrand


A new Marist poll shows that, while registered New York Democrats favor Kirsten Gillibrand over Harold Ford Jr. 43 percent to 24 percent, neither candidate is really tickling their fancy. Even after a year in office, about a third of registered Democrats lack any opinion on Gillibrand, and only 31 percent say she’s doing a good or great job. Meanwhile, 52 percent of registered Democrats have yet to form an opinion on Ford, but considering that he only got here about twelve minutes ago, that’s not so bad.

Update: Ford’s rep e-mailed us this statement: “This very first poll — showing declining approval numbers for Senators Schumer and Gillibrand — already demonstrates without a doubt that New York voters eagerly want an independent Democrat like Harold Ford who will fight for New York rather than serve as a second vote for a party boss.”