Now is Really Not the Time to Try to Smoke on a Plane


A 55-year-old woman named Renate Wilson lit up a cigarette in the lavatory of an Austrian Airlines flight from Vienna to JFK yesterday, and even after she got caught by the flight crew, she lit up again in her seat and continued to smoke. She was detained by Port Authority police, but federal cops told them to just let her go. But none of that is the best part of this story, as reported by the New York Post:

"Wilson's estranged husband, Fred, said he wasn't surprised.

"For years she'd sneak in the bathroom on planes to smoke, but she never got in trouble," said Fred."

Her estranged husband? Really? Also, the takeaway here is that you can smoke in plane bathrooms without getting caught, and if you do get caught, you don't get in trouble. Tell your friends, kids!

Flier Gets Ash-inine [NYP]