Obama Heading to Massachusetts to Save Coakley, Health-Care Reform, His Entire Agenda


Robert Gibbs announced this afternoon that President Obama will be traveling to Massachusetts this Sunday to campaign in support of terrible Senate candidate Martha Coakley, who says things like (paraphrasing), “Why would I want to shake hands with strangers when it’s cold outside?” But, terrible candidate or not, Coakley is the potential 60th vote for health-care reform — not to mention pretty much anything else Obama hopes to pass this year — and so Obama, who is still more popular than unpopular in the state, hopes his appearance can push her over the top. To give you an idea of how quickly this race has gone downhill for Democrats, it was all of four days ago that Gibbs claimed Obama had no plans to visit Massachusetts.

Obama to stump for Coakley [Politico 44/Politico]