Governor Paterson Begins His Cuomo Offensive


Despite all the evidence that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will run for governor, he still hasn't officially announced it. Governor Paterson is tired of waiting. In the wake of a Daily News story today that says Cuomo will announce his candidacy in March, Paterson's campaign went after the Attorney General by name, a departure from its typical beating around the bush about "drumbeats" and "drum majors."

"Voters have had enough of Albany politicians winking at them while doing nothing to solve their problems. Since it's clear Mr. Cuomo is running for Governor, it's time for him to stop ducking the hard questions of how he would close a $7.4 billion deficit, balance the budget and pass ethical and fiscal reforms," Paterson campaign manager Richard Fife said in a statement.

This is the kind of thing that Cuomo is trying to avoid by not yet announcing his candidacy. As long as he remains Attorney General he can continue catching bad guys without becoming a target for Paterson or Rick Lazio's barbs. That is, unless Paterson has wised up, as it seems, and decided to stop waiting for Cuomo and bring out the attack dogs on his own.

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