Peter King Once Again Toying a Run for Senate


Earlier today, Long Island Representative Peter King was chatting with Don Imus about homeland security. It's a subject that, in King's role as former chair of that House committee, has gotten him in front of a lot of microphones lately. It may be that resurgence of attention that's caused him to rethink his pledge last August to not run against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand next year. Imus asked him point-blank today if he was considering facing off against her after all. From the Observer:

"Actually, I am looking at it. You know, a lot of people have come to me," said the Long Island Republican, who seems to have reconsidered an August announcement that he was abandoning such a bid. But he remains a little unsure. "To do that, I have to give up the House. I'd have to run all over the state for the next year, when I couldn't be doing much work on homeland security. And I'd have to raise about $30 or $40 million. Maybe to you that's chump change, but to me, that's more than a few bucks," he told Mr. Imus.

But Peter, running for office means you get to be in front of cameras all the time. Surely that means something, too!

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