Phone-Book Kidnappers Busted


Newton, New Jersey, pet-supply shop owner Jeff Muller endured a multi-day, multi-state nightmare meant for someone else. A trio of kidnappers snatched Muller from outside his store after verifying his name, struck him down with a stun gun, and drove him back to their home state of Missouri. He managed to partially escape in Lake Ozark, Missouri, long enough to be spotted by a convenience-store clerk who alerted authorities. When the three criminals were tracked down and arrested, it turned out that their victim wasn’t even the man they’d intended to kidnap: They’d been seeking another Jeff Muller, but just having looked the name up in a directory, they ended up with the wrong man. Of course, Muller, who sustained minor injuries during the saga, isn’t laughing. Neither is Charles Scammell, a fellow Missourian who in November was shot in the hand by the same trio of criminals, making the same mistake of attacking an unlucky person with the same name of the guy they were actually after.

’Kidnap’ morons busted [NYP]