Rasmussen: Massachusetts Senate Race Neck and Neck


Right on the heels of news that the Republican contender to replace Ted Kennedy in the Senate, Scott Brown, raised $1.3 million in 14 hours, comes poll results putting the race between him and Democrat Martha Coakley basically at a tie. Rasmussen, which according to Nate Silver has a “house effect” which favors Republican candidates, gave Coakley 49 percent of the vote last night, and Brown at 47, with a three-point margin of error. The Democratic Public Policy poll had similar numbers last week, though the Boston Globe last week put Coakley distinctly in the lead. Coakley herself is confident, claiming internal polling numbers that give her a comfortable margin, but it’s obviously too soon to discount the possibility that health care reform could very possibly still be up in the air because of this vote for the next couple of weeks. The election takes place on January 19.

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