RGA Director Makes Paterson Blind Joke, Awkwardly Apologizes


Politicians today can't get away with making off-color jokes like they used to. Earlier today Nick Ayers, the executive director of the Republican Governors Association, thought up a funny joke about Governor Paterson on the spur of the moment and shared it on Twitter:

Gov Paterson you should accept the ambassadorship to New Zealand. Its beautiful there. Have you not seen it?...oh, right, sorry.

But his uproarious laugher at the RGA office quickly turned to tears when the tweet was picked up by Politico and the New York Times, and now Ayers has tweeted an apology for his "poor attempt" at humor, and even more awkwardly, has been forced to call the governor's office to apologize.

Nick Ayers/Twitter [via Politico, City Room/NYT]