Robber Forgets to Put On Mask Until Halfway Through Robbery


A lot of people think that armed robbery is easy, that you just go into some place waving a gun around and say, “Gimme all your money.” But actually, there’s a lot of detail involved. A lot of moving parts and stuff you gotta remember. For instance, you have to not only make sure you purchase and wear a black ski mask—so that the person you are robbing and/or their security cameras doesn’t capture your face and later splash it all over the Internet— you also have to remember to pull it down over your face before the robbery. “No kidding,” you might say to yourself, “that’s pretty obvious,” but ask this guy who robbed a deli in Kew Gardens and he will tell you it’s not. Wearing a mask while you’re robbing is like talking to someone and wearing sunglasses — how do you know you’re really connecting with them with a big woolly thing over your face and your eyes? You try it and get it done right — then you’ve earned the right to call this guy stupid.

[via Gothamist]