Rudy Giuliani Defends Harry Reid


America's Mayor joined the growing chorus of Republicans coming to the defense of Harry Reid today, saying that he doesn't think the Senate Majority Leader should resign for his boneheaded comments about President Obama. This morning he told Don Imus, who knows a thing or two about regrettable remarks:

"I don't agree with the people in my party who say Reid should step down. I don't think Harry Reid should resign for it. I think he should apologize for it; he made a mistake. But I don't think for a minute that Harry Reid is a racist."

"I disagree with him on just about everything," Giuliani said, "but I think he's a man of good faith."

The reasonableness soon ended though when Giuliani added that if a Republican had said what Reid said, "They'd probably try to figure out how to put him in jail."

Rudy Giuliani: Harry Reid should stay [Politico]