Rutgers Student Arrested for Newark Security Breach; Was ‘Very Excited to Have a Real Woman’


After a week long manhunt for the fellow in the light-colored coat who hopped the security line at Newark Airport to kiss his girlfriend goodbye one last time, causing mayhem, evacuation, and massive delays, police believe they’ve found their man. Haisong Jiang, a 28-year-old Rutgers bio-medical research grad student originally from China, was arrested at 7:30 pm last night at his home in Piscataway, NJ, after police compared security footage of license plates to passenger lists and hunted him down. The New York Post talked to Jiang’s roommate, whose explanation of Jiang’s motives meshes nicely with our theory that the Newark gate crasher just thought he was in a romantic comedy:

Jiang was released to his own recognizance around midnight last night and charged with defiant trespass, a “petty disorderly persons offense” that carries a maximum sentence of 30 days in jail. Sen. Frank L. Lautenberg of New Jersey told the AP that the charge was “a slap on the wrist,” though some could argue that the most fault lies with the TSA agent who left his post. Jiang received a summons to appear in Newark Municipal Court next week, hopefully with his girlfriend in tow, where he will hopefully tell the Judge: “Your honor, if I am guilty of anything, it’s of being a slave to love.”

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