Sarah Palin to Schmaltz Her Way to the White House


With Sarah Palin signing a deal with Fox News, the potential future presidential candidate has now secured a way to remain in the spotlight without relying on the goodwill of the media to report everything she writes on her Facebook page. So what exactly will she be doing at Fox? For one, she’ll be making appearances as a pundit on the shows of popular Fox talking heads, starting tonight with The O’Reilly Factor. But more important, she’ll also host an occasional series called Real American Stories, “which will examine inspirational tales involving ordinary citizens who have suffered setbacks.” Obviously, this will be barely watchable. The question we have is what the title is supposed to communicate. Are these American stories that are real? Or are they stories about real Americans? Because if it’s the latter, she should know better.

Sarah Palin to appear regularly on Fox News [Media Notes/WP]