Scary Cougar Teachers at James Madison Still on the Prowl


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: The students at James Madison High are never going to take their teachers seriously again. For the third time in two months, a sex scandal has hit the faculty lounge there. First, there were the two female teachers who were caught in a topless clinch in a classroom during a student assembly. Then there was the lady teacher who was busted for sending over 200 sexy texts to an underage male student. And now, in a less innocently hilarious story, gym teacher Lisa Gutilla, 37, has been arrested for groping and kissing a student. The girl actually attended private Poly Prep Country Day, where Gutilla was a part-time volleyball coach. She was subjected to after-practice makeout sessions with Gutilla, which her mother finally noticed after spotting a hickey on the girl’s neck.

After her arrest, she was sent to the school department’s “rubber rooms,” where she’ll hang out with the other suspended James Madison teachers as they wait (still getting paid!) to find out their fate. Forgive us for pointing this out, but throwing all of these women together to stew in a place called a “rubber room” doesn’t actually strike us as something they’d particularly mind 

Another ‘Horndog High’ sex charge: Teacher Lisa Guttilla arrested for feeling up 14-year-old girl [NYDN]