Security for Terror Trials Will Cost the City $200 Million


Of all the complaining about the decision to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his 9/11 plotting brethren in New York, few have mentioned the potential cost. They should start. The Mayor’s office said today that security for the trails will cost the city north of $200 million a year. Most of that money will go toward paying an around the clock security detail, while the rest will purchase necessary equipment.

Since the decision to try the terrorists was made the federal government, Mayor Bloomberg is looking to Washington for a check. The city needs the “federal government to shoulder the significant costs we will incur and ease this burden,” he said. Or Bloomberg could just pay the tab with $200 million from the bottom of his backpack.

City Says 9/11 Trials Will Cost $200 Million a Year
[City Room/NYT]

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