Sen. Chris Dodd to Throw in the Towel


Move over Byron Dorgan, a more important Senator has decided not to seek office in 2010. Connecticut Democrat Chris Dodd, who would be shooting for his sixth term in November, will not run for reelection, according to The Washington Post. An announcement will be made at a press conference on Wednesday.

Unlike Dorgan’s departure, Dodd’s exit is a good thing for Democrats. Republicans would have enjoyed kicking Dodd around for his role in the financial collapse. Now Former Rep. Rob Simmons or WWE honcho Linda McMahon, who are battling it out for the Republican nomination, will most likely face off against State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, the frontrunner to take the now vacant Democratic nomination. As long as there are no figure four leglocks employed, Blumenthal should coast to a victory.

Conn. Sen. Dodd expected to announce retirement
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