Sometimes Dominic Carter Cries a Lot


Ever since former NY1 anchor Dominic Carter was exposed as a wife assaulter, his life has been a big stressful mess, he told the Post this weekend.

"I don't set the alarm anymore. I wake up. I sit around the house. I read the papers, watch a movie. Sometimes I cry a lot, but I try not to do it around my kids.... I've had time to reflect on my life — and on how I dropped the ball as a man."

In his first interview since the Post broke the story of the abuse two months ago, Carter recounted the events that led to the conflict with his wife in October of 2008. He was upset about the medical care of his son, who suffers from epilepsy. His wife was upset that Carter, who was an extreme workaholic, was butting in on an issue he knew nothing about. The rest, as they say, is in the police report.

NY1 wife abuser Carter now beats himself up [NYP]