Sometimes We Appreciate a Little Honesty in Job Announcements


Several years ago, when Intel Chris was an unpaid summer magazine intern, he took a class at the Columbia Bartending School, hoping to land a paid gig for his spare time. After “graduating,” he was sent out on several interviews, one of which was at the Village Idiot (R.I.P.). Being new to New York and not knowing the bar’s reputation, he did his early aughts Sun-Inned hair, readied his résumé (including high-school grades!), and strolled in eagerly to ask for an audition. In very short order, he was laughed out of the place, and in the end wound up working more appropriately as a lifeguard at one of the city’s rare, men-only naked pools. But had the Idiot had a sign outside like this one, snapped this week outside its sister bar, the Patriot in Tribeca, Chris would have probably saved himself a fair amount of public humiliation. At the very least, he would have worn something substantially different to the interview.

Wonderful Job Opportunity at Tribeca’s Patriot Bar [Eater NY]