‘That’s Mister Comptroller to You, Underling’


John Liu, the city comptroller who ran on such a populist line that he falsely claimed that he worked in a sweatshop as a child, is no longer a man of the people — even his own people. Every day when Liu enters the office, he has ordered the staff to rise up out of their chairs and address him as “Mr. Comptroller.” This, workers report, is very different from predecessor Bill Thompson’s laid-back policy, in which he used to insist people call him “Billy.” Unsurprisingly, the Post reports that Municipal Building staffers are “snickering behind his back.” The best part? According to Liu’s spokeswoman (who herself is “making the adjustment” from calling him “J.L.,” as she did on the campaign), after insisting on the formalities, every day Liu greets his standing staff and tells them to sit down and call him “John.” This is the guy who is in charge of making our city budget less ridiculous and more efficient, everyone. Get on your feet!

All rise for Liu, the prima donna! [NYP]