The Only People Excited About Rick Lazio’s Campaign Are Those in Rick Lazio’s Campaign


When former mayor of the world Rudy Giuiani announced that he wouldn’t run for governor a few weeks back, he threw his support behind Rick Lazio. And that’s the last time anyone was excited about the former Congressman, according to the Times, which provides a painful example of what life on the trail is like for Lazio.

It breaks my heart,” Mr. Lazio, the former Long Island congressman, tells a few dozen Republicans here in the Finger Lakes. “People are fed up, they’re disgusted, they’re disillusioned, and they’re scared.”

Now comes the ask. “It is our turn to fix this mess, and not to leave this for our kids and our grandchildren to clean up. Please join me in this great mission.”

Ouch. Apparently most Republicans expect to see Gov. Andrew Cuomo inaugurated next year. But that isn’t stopping Lazio from plowing ahead, taking down the Republican primary and then hoping he gets lucky. Or, as the Times puts it, he will “be there and hope for a break.”

Rick Lazio’s Race for Governor Excites Few in G.O.P.