Andrew Young Reveals Icky Edwards Details on 20/20


There were just so many cringe-worthy aspects of John Edwards’s former aide Andrew Young’s appearance on 20/20 last night. For one thing, Young and his wife Cheri uncomfortably/dramatically clutched each others’ hands throughout the entire interview while being asked questions such as, “So you found it in a pile of trash?” (referring to an Edwards sex tape). Though much of the information had already been leaked, we still got some cringe-y tidbits, like learning that not only did Edwards and his mistress Rielle Hunter dream of having Dave Matthews Band at their wedding, but they also had a DMB song: “Steady as We Go” (which wouldn’t have been our guess). Another standout “ugh” moment is when ABC plays a voicemail, from Elizabeth Edwards to Andrew Young, wherein she calls Hunter a “concubine.” That’s one word for it, we suppose.

[via ABC’s “20/20”]