Tiger Woods Probably Regrets That Annie Leibovitz Photo Shoot


Vanity Fair had no exclusive access, nor any new information, to include in their Tiger Woods coverage this month. But they did have something nobody else had: previously unprinted photos of him taken by Annie Leibovitz from before his latest publicity meltdown. So in conjunction with a light think piece by Buzz Bissinger about how deeply Woods deceived and betrayed us, the magazine is running with a scary picture of him. In it, the golf great is lifting weights shirtless, wearing, for some reason, a knit cap like he’s just out on the yard with the other inmates. His expression is not contemplative, or tough — it’s downright menacing. Which, whatever they may think of him now, is not likely the image his fans have in their heads of him. Until now, the visuals running with stories of Woods picture a mixed-race Ken doll with a polo shirt and dark khakis and a crisp, clean Nike hat. As the world is obsessed with how many bosomy blondes across the country have fallen prey to his wiles, we’re betting Tiger Woods isn’t too pleased he agreed to this particular pose.

Tiger in the Rough [VF]