Tiger Woods Isn’t Allowed to Masturbate


New York Times writer and addiction expert Benoit Denizet-Lewis yesterday confirmed what other news outlets have been reporting: that disgraced golf great Tiger Woods is in rehab for sex addiction at the Pine Grove/Gentle Path program in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Lewis, who visited the center during research for his book America Anonymous, has a little primer on what Tiger will be going through: meetings with a diverse group of men, therapy sessions with his wife if there is hope for reconciliation, and this: “Sex rehabs also require patients (although they don’t use that word, preferring ‘clients’) to sign a ‘celibacy contract’ that includes a pledge not to have sex with anyone, or to masturbate, while in treatment.” Hmmm. We wonder if, for the first time in a while, Tiger is having to learn how to use Ambien for its intended purpose?

What Tiger Will Go Through in Treatment [Benoit Denizet-Lewis]