Time for Democrats to Start Freaking Out Over Massachusetts


With the special election for the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat now just four days away, Republican State Senator Scott Brown has pulled four points ahead of Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley, according to the latest poll. Sure, there are other polls that show Coakley up by a few points, but taken together it all shows that the race is now officially a toss-up. That’s a far cry from a month ago, when the idea of a Republican victory seemed fanciful — especially since the health-care reform that Kennedy spent decades striving for hangs in the balance. With “just” 59 seats in the Senate, Democrats wouldn’t have the votes to break a Republican filibuster.

Of course, the Democrats do have one card up their sleeve. Though Congress won’t have passed their health-care reform legislation by Tuesday, Massachusetts’s secretary of State says that certifying the election results could take more than two weeks. And, you know, that’s really just a rough estimate. The time frames for these things are notoriously tough to predict. WINK.

Polls show race for ‘Kennedy seat’ about even [WP]