Mayor Bloomberg Will Never Sashay Out of a Voting Booth Again


New York City is finally embracing modern voting technology, and all it took was getting sued by the Justice Department. In time for the September primaries, those lever-operated voting booths that we’ve been using for a hundred years will be replaced by optical scan machines. The reason? Despite the unexplainable sense of satisfaction that comes with pulling a large lever, the booths don’t leave a paper trail and are prone to malfunctioning. With the new ballots, voters will simply have to fill in a small bubble for the candidates of their choice (reminiscent of the SATs), walk to a scanning machine, follow the instructions for scanning the ballot, and then answer a series of questions on a computer screen to ensure that their vote was recorded accurately. The upside is that each paper ballot will be saved in a locked box in the event of a recount; the downside is that your grandmother is no longer capable of voting.

City Finally Poised to Give Up Lever Voting Machines [NYT]