Warring Hamptons Neighbors Stay on Their Sides of the Fence


Usually, the first step one takes when one has a problem with a neighbor is to confront them about it in person. "Hey there, Mr. Wilson," one might say. "Would you mind moving your hideous sculpture/children's Slip 'n Slide/tanning-oil-covered, Speedo-clad body just a few inches to the left? It's interfering with the sight lines from my deck." If the neighbor becomes argumentative or refuses to compromise, then legal action is taken. Former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel and his next-door neighbor, Jonathan Sobel, who have sued one another four times in the past four years over issues with their adjacent land in Amagansett, have never had such a conversation. In fact, according to today's Post:

Oddly, Semel and Sobel have never actually met, their lawyers admitted.

E. End heavyweights slug it out in Round 4 [NYP]
CORRECTION: This post previously stated that the Jonathan Sobel involved in the dispute worked for Goldman Sachs, in fact, that was a different Jonathan Sobel.