Was the Newark Airport Trespasser a Character From a Romantic Comedy?


We should have known: The man who made it past TSA agents and entered a secure area of Newark Airport — setting off a terror scare that ended with thousands of passengers evacuated and dozens of flights delayed by hours — was chasing after a woman. According to a source, the footage of the encounter showed a couple in a “passionate embrace” before the woman entered the security line. The man, left behind and apparently distraught, tried to chase her shortly afterward and was stopped by a TSA officer. Moments after that, the same TSA officer received a cell-phone call and got distracted, and the man was able to slip by and chase after his girl.

So basically, this whole thing was a scene from a romantic comedy! (We bet all those passengers who were delayed for hours trying to get home are going to get a big laugh out of this.) Except for the part where the TSA officer was distracted by something as simple as a cell-phone call. That’s more like a scene from a terrorism thriller. Where the bad guys end up winning.

Newark TSA guard halted violator, then got the slip [NYP]