What Do You Think of Leighton Meester’s New Single?


Yet another one of Leighton Meester’s dance tunes has hit the Internet as a single. “Your Love’s a Drug” is the second song off her album Love Is a Drug. We like this one better than her last one, “Somebody to Love.” It’s more catchy and has a more lively hook. In fact, if a D.J. throws in a little quicker tempo, stronger base, and brighter chorus, we can readily envision the gays at Barracuda, with their plaid shirts that are meant to look like hipster flannel but are really J.Crew Tailored Fit cotton, turning the front of the bar into a dance floor with this one. How do you feel about it? Obviously, beyond your basic gratitude that she’s given us something with which to make it over the hump to March, when episodes of Gossip Girl return.